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2017.08.27 Updated All_List.dat

An updated All_List.dat for Declude is available on the Downloads page in the Declude Miscellaneous files section. This file contains the Geolocations of IPs.

2015.06.08 Added DNSBL

Added Spamhaus DNSBL lookups to the global.cfg
	SPAMHAUS-DBL1	DNSBL	%RHSBL%.dbl.spamhaus.org		*	10 	0
	SPAMHAUS-DBL2	DNSBL	%REVDNS%.dbl.spamhaus.org		*	10 	0
	SPAMHAUS-DBL3	DNSBL	%HELO%.dbl.spamhaus.org			*	10 	0
	SPAMHAUS-DBL4	DNSBL	%SENDERHOST%.dbl.spamhaus.org		*	10 	0

2015.04.08 Gauntlet 2.0 23-Bit

Available from Downloads page.

2015.04.02 MBF Video Help Channel launched

Plan to add at least 2 help videos every month. Vist us and bookmark Here.

2015.03.27 Updated Declude Release 4.12.11

New and upgrade installers available from Downloads page.

2014.11.14 Gauntlet 2.0 Release for SM & IM

Gauntlet 2.0 has been released and is available on the Downloads page. This utility is currently is only for Smartermail/Imail. Gauntlet allows you to combat the pre-tested spam technique.

2014.11.06 Declude Filter Update

Updated Script for Declude Filter Updates

The script will only download filters that have been updated by MBF.

  1. Create a folder under Declude called Scripts e.g. Declude\Scripts
  2. Place the DecFilterUpdate.cmd in http://mailsbestfriend.com/downloads/Misc/wget.exe
  3. Modify DecFilterUpdate.cmd in test editor (notepad) to ensure destination path is where you keep you filters typically Declude\Filters
  4. Download a copy of wget.exe http://mailsbestfriend.com/downloads/Misc/wget.exe and place in Declude\Scripts
  5. Setup a scheduled task to run DecFilterUpdate.cmd at least once per day.

2014.10.31 Gauntlet 1.0 for SmarterMail Released

We have a working prototype called the Gauntlet. Right now it holds the message for a x period of time determined by the administrator, and will re-run the message though Message Sniffer. We should have a version 2.0 soon that will re-run the tests through Declude as suggested.

Currently, this utility only works with SmarterMail. If you are running IMail or pre-tested spam continues to be a problem for you please contact us as we have a few other options for you to consider.

2014.05.21 New All_List.dat File Available

Download All_List.dat

The all_list .dat file located in the \Declude directory. This file contains all the IP address geo-locations, this is used by Declude to identify the country chain displayed as part of the X-Country-Chain within the header. We are working on having a new all_list.dat available every day for download. You do not need to update this file every day, however it is there for your convenience. We suggest updating this file on a periodic basis of about once every 30-90 days.

2014.02.21 MBF releases new build of Declude 4.12.05

New files available from Downloads page:

The NOHIT test is used to determine which tests did NOT trigger. The main purpose of this implementation was to create a feedback system to Message Sniffer ARM research to improve spam catch rates on new spam. The new test syntax below and is located in the global.cfg:

TEST-NAME1             NOHIT          TEST-NAME2     WEIGHT          0       0

TEST-NAME1      Your given name of the test
NOHIT           Test Type
TEST-NAME2      The name of the test you are tracking that did NOT trigger
WEIGHT          The weight => when you would like this test to trigger

Example of use (This test will trigger if SNIFFER is NOT triggered for emails over 30 points):

SNF-FEEDBACK           NOHIT          SNIFFER         30      0       0

Using this test we can identify messages that scored more than 30 points and did NOT trigger sniffer. We then use either a COPYTO or ROUTETO Action in the $default$.junkmail file to have these messages go to a specific inbox where ARM research periodically retrieves these messages and writes new rules to distribute to other Message Sniffer users.

The entry in the $default$.junkmail would be:

SNF-FEEDBACK   ROUTETO   xxxx@example.com

Where xxxx is your license key for Message Sniffer. Be sure to setup an email user with xxxx@example.com on your server and provide ARM research support@armresearch.com with the POP account details to access the account to retrieve messages.

I am sure there are other great ways the NOHIT test can be used. Let us know if you have some ideas.

2013.12.04 Interim version of Decludeproc 4.12.03 for SmarterMail Released!

MBF has released an interim version of Decludeproc 4.12.03 for SmarterMail it can be found on the Downloads page. We added Improved Hijack by monitoring the Authenticated user rather than the mailfrom address. Let us know if you have any questions.

2013.08.22 Mail's Best Friend launches Knowledge Base.

KNow (http://know.mailsbestfriend.com/) has growing collection of answers to the questions email administrators face every day including helpful tips; useful settings and configuration tweaks for various email platforms; errors, faults, failure conditions - and how to get out of them; pointers to tools, utilities, and data for stopping spam, and other abuse; and useful bits of conversations about email and making email systems work. If you work with email, you need Mail's Best Friend, and you'll find our knowledge base handy too!

2013.07.02 Mail's Best Friend acquires Declude Assets

Thanks to Pete McNeil of www.microneil.com and MBF has secured the Intellectual property rights and assets of Declude. MBF has the rights to distribute all versions of Declude and users are free to run Declude versions up to 4.12.02 without restriction. MBF is able to provide updates and fixes in the future. All current downloads can be found on the Downloads page.

2013.05.01 Mail's Best Friend Partners with SmarterTools Inc

Mail’s Best Friend, an e-mail solutions company, is pleased to announce their partnership with SmarterTools Inc. Mail’s Best Friend resells SmarterMail, for small business, ISP's, and hosting companies looking to enhance value.

2013.04.23 MBF Launches Online Store.

2013.04.12 MBF Launches Community Forum.

2013.04.01 MBF Partners with ARM Research to Resell SNF.

2013.03-20 MBF Partners with AppRiver

Mail's Best Friend is proud to announce our reseller partnership with AppRiver. We chose AppRiver as partner as they received the highest published scores in Service/Support, Product Reliability and Channel Friendliness and were selected by Everything Channel for its "Five-Star Partner Program Guide Certification." AppRiver's successful track record was a major reason why the company is one of only five companies in North America to be selected by Microsoft as an Office 365 syndication partner. Being an Appriver reseller enables MBF to offer our customers hosted exchange and email security solutions with a provider who we know, will meet our level of commitment, reliability and service to our customers.

2013.03.01 MBF Forms.

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