Continuity Email

A Backup Email Server

During Internet Outages, Natural Disasters or Server Failure
Read and respond to emails when your mail server is down

With ContinuityEmail you Get

When your primary mail server is back online we will automatically sync all queued inbound messages to your server. Sent mail can also be downloaded.

Configure your email client with a second profile to access your continuity mailbox via IMAP or simply use our webmail interface.

All inbound email goes through our gateway. You can enable our Enterprise Spam Filter or just allow the email to pass to your mail server untouched.

Access quarantines, logs, message statuses and queues from our admin portal.

If your mail server goes down, your employees will still be able to receive emails as well as reply-to, forward or compose new messages

Your email is securely stored in Amazon Web Services S3 for safety, durability and reliability.

Disaster Recovery Email Service

Imagine the serious impact on most business’s productivity if your employees were not able to send or receive email for several hours or even days. How long can your business survive without email? Email is still the number one communication tool for both internal and external communications – without email, most businesses are at a standstill.

Email Continuity is an always-on disaster recovery for email service, that automatically mirrors the past 7 days of your email history and makes it accessible via a webmail portal. New emails are queued for delivery when access to your primary mail server is restored as well as replicated to the Email Continuity portal.

Read and respond to emails when your mail server is down

Fully compatible with all on premise or hosted email services. There is no hardware to buy or software to install. Create your users and updated your MX records to have a complete email disaster recovery service up and running in minutes.

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We help our clients build and maintain the best eMail solutions in the world. We offer, fully integrated eMail solutions using best-of-breed components. fully customized integration, support, and management resources. solutions that reduce costs, improve performance, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

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