Libraesva a next-generation security company, positioned among the most important brands in the world of computing security. Providing security, continuity and compliance offerings that include the Email Security Gateway, the Email Load Balancer and the Email Archiver.

Why Choose Mail's Best Friend?

Libraesva - Email Security

Your active email security defense against phishing, 0-day malware, impersonation, spoofing and other types of cyber attacks!

Libraesva - Email Load Balancer

It’s a straight forward Email Workloads balancing solution, that perfectly fits any mail server.

Libraesva Email Archiver

Protects business critical information, simplifies compliance, improves employee efficiency!

Email Gateway

Libraesva ESG manages and filters all email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats and data leaks, a premium solution for email security.

Using two proprietary sandboxing technologies, URLs and QuickSand, Libraesva ESG intelligently scans all links and documents for active code and evasive behavior to prevent users from visiting unsafe links or receiving and opening malicious files. 

Load Balancer

Libraesva Load Balancer is designed to offer an easy, high performance load balancing solution for email based workloads.

Libraesva Load Balancer is ideal for organizations looking for a high-performance, yet cost-effective email application delivery: balancing Microsoft ActiveSync, Microsoft Exchange OWA, Zimbra, IBM Domino or a simple SMTP mail server is just a few click deployment.

Email Archiver

Protects business critical information, simplifies compliance, improves employee efficiency!

Libraesva Email Archiver is a powerful and simple solution for email Governance, Risk and Compliance; up and running in minutes creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of large amounts of data over a period of years.


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We help our clients build and maintain the best email solutions in the world. We offer, fully integrated email solutions using best-of-breed components. fully customized integration, support, and management resources. solutions that reduce costs, improve performance, and provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

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