AppRiver SecureSurf Web Protection

AppRiver SecureSurf Web Protection

The Web has become a minefield of malicious content. SecureSurf™ keeps your employees from stumbling onto offensive or dangerous sites, protecting your network and your bottom line.

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These days, companies that don’t manage their Web usage are risking more than occasional embarrassment and wasted time. Malicious content can cripple entire networks, expose employers to lawsuits and eat away at profits. Until now, however, the only security options have been expensive to buy and difficult to manage for even the largest companies.

SecureSurf™ is AppRiver’s affordable, easy-to-use Web Security solution for businesses of all sizes. With SecureSurf, sites known to have malicious content are blocked automatically. SecureSurf also allows you to set your own policies to determine what other types of sites are prohibited and which are permitted.

SecureSurf is always on and continuously updated. It doesn’t require any onsite hardware or software, and it won’t bog down your staff with frequent updates, patches or maintenance. You get the controls your business needs without the complexity and cost of other Web-security services.

SecureSurf is Web security from the company trusted to protect eight million mailboxes worldwide.

SecureSurf Features and Benefits:

  • Shields your network from malware, adware and viruses
  • Protects your employees and improves productivity
  • Helps avoid legal and compliance issues
  • Deploys quickly and customizes easily
  • Enforces safe search feature of major search engines
  • Costs less at start-up and over time
  • Includes Phenomenal Care™ from our US-based team, 24 hours a day, every day


AppRiver SecureSurf Web Protection Monthly Min Setup Fee Price
One-Time setup fee $25.00
  Price per user $1.00
   – SecureSurf Agent Optional Add on $1.95
Minimum Monthly for SecureSurf $50.00



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