Our Services

Backup MX
Store & Forward

A store-and-forward server will capture and store email  in case your email server becomes unavailable. Once your mail server is back online. The stored email will be sent onto your mail server to resume service as normal. 

Awareness Training

Cybercriminals target end users. Ongoing cybersecurity education and training for end users is a must for businesses to stay secure, Webroot Security Awareness Training offers cybersecurity education for the end-user.

Store & Forward

Our Transitional Store and Forward Services, we’ll make sure your mail is safely captured and forwarded to your new mail server once it comes online.

Mail Server Migration

Ready to migrate your email from one server to another or an entirely different platform? Migrating mail between servers can be a stressful and risky without a solid team of professionals ensuring you get the job done right. Our team is ready to help. 


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